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From product cultivation, collection, packaging and quality control to delivery,YunNan Focus Flower planting company is focused on the quality of the flowers under strict control, adhere to " Customer Focus" We not only focus on global introduction of advanced technology on planting flowers , but also we employ local senior technical people to our plantation and services through independent resear...

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Wholesale Preserved Heart Shaped Rose Di...

Wholesale Preserved Heart-shaped Rose For Valentine's Day Gift Immortalized Flower Finished Products


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Yunnan Focus Flower Planting Co.,Ltd is established in 2010, which is located in the biggest flower market of Southeast Asia, Dounan flower market. Focus Flower has been in export industry for more than 10 years, and we are focusing on the quality strict control from collection, production, packing, quality inspection to shipment, adhere to offer THE BEST to the customer. Focus Flower main business are cut fresh flowers, preserved flower and dried flower. We have cooperated with many farms and factories , and we also have our own factory and OEM processing service. During this ten years, we keep 50% growth rely on excellent quality and professional service. Our customers are from all o...

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Fred Marcus planted flower fields, flowers are blooming ushe...

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Focus has been in export industry for many years, we are focusing on the quality strict control from product cultivation, collection, packing,quality inspection to shipment,adhere to offer THE BEST to the customer. Focus has won the High-tech enterprise of Yunnan province,Agricultural leading enterprise of Yunnan province and other honorary titles. Company has its own import and export right,and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

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    "Brother Tanabe Shoro, sister is the mountain flowers niang. Love songs love sister hand in hand, to get rich on the road ran off......" Approached the Zhijin County Hing township village, Xinchang flower planting base, suddenly heard a melodious songs to busy people of flowers to add a somewhat happy atmosphere.

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    According to the "Labor News" reports, in the circle of friends is "Thanksgiving mother scraper, various businesses while yesterday mother's Day robbed the business opportunities. Reporter visited found that department stores, both children to help mothers to buy gifts, but also the mother of their own shopping. In the shop, "create new styles pots edition, hardcover edition of" carnations worth high. While the flowers of O2O is more brains "tying" afternoon tea, flower class line activities. In...

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